Project: Disneyland of Departure 2014 Recap

The first gathering of Kingdom Hearts fans at Disneyland, also known as Disneyland of Departure happened on Friday, October 3rd, 2014 and it was a truly amazing experience for not only myself but everyone else that attended the event.

For you new folks just finding out what the Disneyland of Departure event is all about, we have some very sad news. It turns out that the tickets for Mickey’s Halloween Party, the actual event we use for our event, have been sold out.

Kingdom Hearts has played a big role for Disney since it’s debut in 2002 but one of the major gripes is how little Disney does to acknowledge the series being a part of their world. Sure Disney has done some promotions for the game whenever a numbered title is about to be released by having events and bringing aboard the voice actors to discuss the game and their characters but what about the parks?

Another year, another E3 has come and gone. With all the glitz and glamour from the show, some would say it was underwhelming, while others it was great. To me I found it to be a good one and certainly close to the same experience I had in 2012 but overall I had fun like always and it was great to see familiar faces again.

Rock Your Disney Side (24 Hour Disneyland)

On Friday May 23rd, I had visited Disneyland for their annual Rock Your Disney Side event and what that is for those who don’t know is a 24 hour event where anyone attending can dress up as your favorite Disney character. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the full 24 hours that started 6am Friday and went until 6am Saturday, but I was able to attend for at least 8 hours.

The sixty-forth episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. Join Branden, Sabby, and myself as we deep dive in to the recent bit of happenings in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

The sixty-third epsidoe of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast has arrived and we have a special type of episode for you! Join Branden, Sabrina, Olivia, and myself as we get into this special Valentine’s episode by featuring a special segment called Kingdom Hearts You!

One of the best things for me when starting up a Kingdom Hearts game is the natural greeting that awaits you at the title screen, the lovely and soothing “Dearly Beloved” composed by the great Yoko Shimomura.